Why Miffed AS?

Dedicated Servers
For our gameservers

We use dedicated servers hosted by Lyhme Hosting to give our players the best possible performance and experience.

Friendly & Including

Here at Miffed AS, the community is super important. We value friendly staff and player interactions over everything else. If you have amazing servers but bad behaving players and staff. We do not achieve the experience that we wish for our players.

All your favorite games
All in one place!

The thing that makes Miffed AS Gaming special, is that we offer a variety of gameservers of high quality

Why gamers love us?

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Its been a while since I found out what Miffed AS was. I have been following its development since the early days on a game called Unturned, where I joined one of its 1st servers and got to know more about what was upcoming. I know the struggle and the time that the founder of this "growing community", MiffedLyric559 had to go through to make this project possible. Miffed AS is a community focused on creating and running servers for us gamers and providing full web-design services. A respectful, trustful and professional way to develop new projects by colaborating with Miffed AS and its staff.
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I think that Miffed AS community is a small community but very friendly, ofc it might be hard to get people to join the gaming community when its this small but i think it will grow over time. I expect the community to keep doing what there doing and that it will keep growing till we are one of the biggets out there. personaly i think its a great but small community and with time everything will become even better. The staff on Miffed AS's gaming servers and discord is wonderful and is 100% the most inviting staff team i have seen so far.
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I think of Miffed AS as a community that has good staff and potential , everyone is being kind to each other and having fun through games. What i would like to see changes in is the amount of players on the ark server, because I’m playing there often and it has decreased since I started playing a while back. It is so fun when many players are in the server enjoying the game and helping each other.